As we progress towards achieving our 2020 targets, an area of focus for the Group in 2018/2019 was working on a suite of post-2020 sustainability targets.

Our specific cement CO2 emissions are now 23% lower than in 1990, on-track for our 25% reduction target by 2020. Our post-2020 targets will be mindful of the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a further reflection of our commitment to help build a sustainable future.

2018 Highlights

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Operating with Integrity

42% female representation on our Board, a reflection of our commitment to good governance

Embedding a culture of safety

94% of our locations were accident-free in 2018

Creating solutions for our customers

32m tonnes of alternative raw materials re-used in our products

Developing and empowering our people

2.7m hours of training across the Group

Protecting the environment

23% reduction in our specific cement carbon dioxide emissions compared to 1990 levels

Collaborating and engaging for sustainability

Over 1,300 stakeholder engagement events held

Sustainable Products

Our products are essential to build the homes, roads, workplaces and infrastructure needed to support a growing population

  • 70% of the world's population live in concrete structures
  • Up to 25% of CO2 released during cement manufacturing can be reabsorbed by concrete during its life cycle
  • 42% of our product revenue is from products with enhanced sustainability attributes

Advancing our sustainability agenda

Innovation at CRH

Innovation is at the heart of our sustainability agenda, helping to drive new solutions for customers and support our goal of continuous business improvement.

Addressing climate change

We have a responsibility to create high-performance, climate-friendly materials and products to meet the challenges of climate change.

Building Inclusivity

We want CRH to be a place where everyone has the same opportunity to develop and progress.

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