Our culture of safety sets us apart and is driven by employees and management at every level as we work to achieve our common goal – that nobody gets hurt at work.

We demand the highest safety standards in everything we do. To achieve that, we implement safety management systems at every one of our 3,700 locations. Achieving our goal of zero injuries is an ongoing challenge.

Over the past decade, accident frequency and severity rates across the Group have reduced by an average of 10% and 8% respectively per annum. This trend continued in 2018 with 94% of our locations recording zero accidents, similar to the previous year.

Case Studies

Assessing our safety culture at CRH Canada

Following years of improvement, safety performance at our Canadian Materials operations had flatlined. This became the impetus to adopt the Human Performance (HP) initiative in 2018.

HP centres around six principles and actions, based on the facts that even the best people make mistakes, events can be avoided by learning and culture influences individual behaviours.

Today, HP teams across CRH’s Canada operations provide front-line employees the freedom to openly discuss the underlying factors that create risks on the job and then work with management to eliminate these factors. Combined with safety culture assessment action plans, these teams are driving a new level of safety engagement.

Onsite HP meeting at Canada Materials

Progressing our safety training at Rudus Oy

Rudus, part of our Europe Materials Division, continued its tradition of organising an occupational safety orientation event for summer recruits at its Safety Park. This year’s orientation was a one-day event, in which inductees were given a guided tour of the safety park which features simulated dangerous scenarios and, most importantly, instructions on how to manage these situations.

Rudus Safety Park, Finland

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