With almost 90,000 employees in 32 countries, CRH is a multinational and multicultural organisation. Our aim is to attract and develop a global workforce that is as diverse as our customers and communities, recognising that people are critical to sustaining competitive advantage and long-term success.

Our focus is on equality beyond the numbers, ensuring both women and men feel included and appreciated for their contribution at all levels. Group companies have policies to ensure equal pay for women and men.

Case Studies

Small steps to achieve bigger things at Tarmac

Tarmac, part of our Europe Heavyside Division in the UK, has had a sustained focus on diversity and inclusion, concentrating recently on supporting women in the industry and youth employment.

Recognising that open and inclusive businesses are better placed to deliver long-term value, further considered steps are being taken across the whole company to build a diverse talent pipeline and nurture inclusion at all points of the employee journey. Tarmac is also aiming to make targeted progress in additional inclusion issues such as social mobility.

Tarmac’s Cornelly Quarry, South Wales, UK

Republic Cement “Kitchen of Care” programme

Following a successful 2017, Republic Cement, part of our Europe Materials Division, has continued in its efforts to combat child malnutrition in the Philippines.

The company launched a second ‘kusina’, a community space equipped with kitchen facilities, in its host community in the Bulacan province this year. They have also developed a community garden for the growing of local fruit and vegetables that can be used by all involved in the project. Through the Kusina ng Kalinga (Kitchen of Care) programme, Republic strives to educate the surrounding community about the value of proper nutrition. Children also receive free, nutritious lunches from the kusina every school day.

Kusina ng Kaling (Kitchen of Care), Bulacan province, Philippines

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